SimCity Buildit Hack Apk Trucos

SimCity Buildit Hack Apk Trucos

Many times it happens in games of the type to Sims BuildITtricks, which we have left undiscovered loopholes, without exploiting the maximum. That's why it's never too much to review a series of tricks and tips that will help us in the future of the game, so differentiate from the rest of players and can get more gems.

It's a reality that when we're out, or we're out of shield, they're going to attack us, yes or yes. When you check out the list of who attacked you, there's a vengeance option. So you can see the village of your enemy before attacking and planning a well organized and meditated attack. My recommendation is to observe your warehouses, check your levels, and find the location of your city hall. Surely and more if you've been away for quite some time, you will see a fairly long list of people who attacked you, the first thing you would have to observe are the farmers because they are prone to have large reserves of resources. If an enemy of yours is connected or has a shield, be patient and come back for him later.

Elixir Trick.
Do not think that your barracks is only to train troops, not ... You can queue up a good number of troops and when you have that queue of troops waiting, the elixir you need to train them is let's say that booked. You can queue up the barracks to fill them by leaving the elixir used safe from your enemies. When you return to the village you will only have to cancel the creation of troops and retrieve it. Highly recommended!

Upon reaching the 3 stars, it is known by all that we will win 450 gems in the achievement Sweet Victoria. With the city council at level 6, you can look for other towns that have the town halls outside, if you destroy them you make sure a star and several trophies. Easy Don't you think?

The City Hall
One of the most important factors to rob a rival as many resources as possible is the level of the city Council. If your opponent is at your level or 1 level above or below, you get a 100% modifier than you can steal. However, if your opponent is 2 levels above you get a 125% modifier, and if 3 levels above gets a modifier of 150%. On the other hand, the same opponent gets a modifier of 50% and 25% (respectively) for any attempt at revenge.

The hero
It can be frustrating when in the midst of an assault, we have to stop a few minutes and come back ... surprise ... we have been attacked on the basis of good and our hero is battered. Well, this has a solution; On the pedestal of the hero there is a central button that controls whether the hero is asleep or on guard, if you click on save, he will defend the people when we are not connected, if we select the option of Sleeping hero, we will keep him safe from the attacks.

Let us defeat
The game is basically bullying smaller people than you, and after a promotion you find that the competition gets a little hard for your liking. So you might want to lose on purpose. If you are lucky enough to have purchased one or both heroes, you can use them to download trophies for free. Start a battle, let go of your hero, and then finish the battle before he has any damage. After the fight, you can drop a few drinks, the hero will be ready to do it again and it will cost you nothing!

I hope these simple tricks will make you better in your adventures with Sims BuildIT tricks.


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